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Our Story


It all began in the spring of March 2014, when Bharath Pen began to invest their passion, hard work, effort and motivation to transform a school into a pleasant, delightful dine-in restaurant named “THINESPO“.

Bharath Pen’s motto was simple: quality and flavour, handcrafted in a casual, comfortable setting.

The name of the restaurant is very unique, kudos to our boy Jab ( Bharath Pen). It was his sheer determination against all odds to name his dream restaurant as “THINESPO“ irrespective of the cuisine served. Wow, the name drives tremendous attention and curiosity and surprises all our customers that we serve Italian/Continental – full-flavoured delicious food and no disappointment.

Nearly 5 years later Thinespo has established itself with a diverse menu that not only creates a remarkable cuisine but sparks a unique dining experience. Do check out our gallery to get a glimpse of our dishes and the warm ambience.

Last but not the least no restaurant is successful without good food and happy customers. We would like to thank the Thinespo family and all of our customers for their love & Support for what we are today. At Thinespo we thrive to deliver extraordinary handcrafted flavours, impeccable service and memorable experiences in a comfortable setting.
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Bharath Pen