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About Thinespo

A Italian Continental restaurant for the discerning Hyderabadi’s. The word by itself is commonly uttered in the closed confines of one’s home. It is said with utmost sincerity and stems from the deep rooted, culturally ingrained desire to be hospitable hosts.

Thinespo is a marriage between Telugu Heart and Western spirit. Inspired by the Telugu script and yet made to match the feel of a casual, contemporary European fine diner. A one-of -a-kind identity that will be signature to only Thinespo.

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Thinespo Bakery

Our shack was established in 2015 -to provide our community with a warm, casual space to connect and enjoy remarkable, artful, intentional pastries, bread, desserts, as well as coffee and cafe fare.

Our bakers use old world techniques that have been perfected over time and are proud to have one of the most experienced professional baking teams. We conscientiously source the ingredients with love & care, avoid preservatives to ensure our customers eat into delicacies that are full of freshness and flavor.

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